NN07 SS12


It all started with a beer, as many things in life tend to do. A couple of weeks later the two beer-drinkers, Victor Lindh and Ulrik Pedersen, found themselves on a plane to Tokyo searching for inspiration and laying the foundation for their brand. This was in 2007. A brand needs a name, and the expression NO NATIONALITY was spot-on with what the two friends wanted to transmit: a brand without limits or borders. The abbreviation became NN, and then they added the year – 07 – THE BRAND NN.07 WAS BORN. NN.07 makes clothes that stand the test of time and just get better and better the more they are worn. Clothes that become part of ones history, and years down the line, tell their own story – THE ORIGINALS OF TOMORROW. In only four years, what started with a beer-bill has grown into a leading fashion brand in Scandinavia. The friend’s favourite pants, the chino, have sold in over 400.000 pairs. Today the brand is indeed a reference with over 250 retailers on the market. NN.07 loves challenges and people with strong personalities that make a difference. The two guys surrounded themselves with great friends and nowadays also work with many of them, never compromising on their philosophy of dedication and attention to details. Today it’s still a young and unique brand doing things differently in typical NN.07 fashion; grabbing a beer or two with friends along the way.

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