Acne man spring/summer 2012


This time it started close to home. It’s all about functionalism and Swedish purity. Working with a 1970’s aesthetic – which in Sweden was a time when we were really introduced to a denim culture – clothing became no fuss, almost political, democratic, rustic and natural. It was not about luxury it was about style. Clashing this with the idea of modern sports attire – creating a tight, elegant but always functional silhouette. i find the way you dress for sports really interesting. Looking at friends of mine and the way they dress for sports, I’ve been really inspired. It’s like a new way of dressing up.
The same approached lent itself to the fabrics. Raw suede, textured linen and heavy cotton knits clash with slick polyester, double knit viscose and crisp nylon. Black exists as a blank canvas for me… and then I layer ochre, rust, nude, a bit of red and green on top just to confuse you.

Jonny Johansson Acne

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